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Seneca_il_police_department As the Rose Bowl is often part of a larger trip, many fans stay in Los Angeles for the week leading up to or following the New Year’s holiday. Fans can also knock off many other venues on their list as the Los Angeles Kings, Lakers, Clippers, and Anaheim Ducks are all likely to host a home game during the week. Before or after the game, you can visit the Hollywood Boulevard, any one of the studio tours, Griffith Park, the Getty Museum, Venice Beach, the Santa Monica Pier, the Orange County beaches, or any one of the other sites in Los Angeles. Both fan bases gave each other some good-natured ribbing but nothing seemed excessive or over the top. There seemed to be a 60-40 split in favor of Oregon supporters vs Seminoles faithful. Most of the chants and ribbing were directed at either Jameis Winston or the lack of national titles won by Oregon. Oregon fans populated the western and northern parts of the stadium while Florida State fans were in the eastern and southern portions of the stadium. My tickets were in the Florida State cheering section despite being a neutral fan.

Seneca_il_police_department Seneca_il_police_department Spike's egg is colored shades of purple in The Cutie Mark Chronicles, The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1, and Dragon Quest, but in Friendship is Magic, part 1, he tells Fluttershy that he hatched from a "cute little purple and green egg", and in The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1, one of Twilight's slides depicts a white and green version. Oh, my little Spikey-Wikey! *smooches*

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